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Big burger

"Chicken namban hamburger"

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This is a shop serving fast food and meal sets loved by locals. Chicken thigh meat is cut into pieces easy to eat, soaked in sweet & sour namban vinegar, then sandwiched between buns with tomatoes, lettuce and tartar sauce with a gentle sweetness. Soft original buns combined with slightly sweet of fillings, creates a gentle flavor. It is a hamburger which is popular from children to adults.

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  • Address新富町富田西2-21
  • Telephone number0983-33-0828
  • Business hours10:30-19:30
  • Regular holidays不定休
  • Number of seats30席

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  • AddressAddress
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  • WebsiteWebsite
  • Open for lunchOpen for lunch
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  • Desert availableDesert available
  • Zashiki (tatami mat area) availableZashiki (tatami mat area) available
  • Wi-Fi availableWi-Fi available
  • Car park availableCar park available
  • Credit card acceptedCredit card accepted
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