FEATURE: Miyazaki people love, Namban everything!

Kawa no eki "Hyakusaiya"

"Shiitake namban set meal"

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The average age is 70 years old. Energetic local ladies are serving local cuisine and selling local products with the enthusiasm that they will continue on until they are 100 years old. Shiitake namban that is made with thick juicy genboku shiitake mushrooms, then soaked in homemade namban vinegar, is popular for it's texture and delicious juice that comes oozing out of the mushroom. Their tartar sauce is made with homemade pickles which also has a nostalgic taste.

The contents of this website is information current as of December 2016.

  • Address西米良村村所208-1
  • Telephone number0983-41-4245
  • Business hours10:00-15:00 ※直売所 9:00-17:00
  • Regular holidaysなし ※12/29-1/3
  • Number of seats36席

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  • WebsiteWebsite
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  • Desert availableDesert available
  • Zashiki (tatami mat area) availableZashiki (tatami mat area) available
  • Wi-Fi availableWi-Fi available
  • Car park availableCar park available
  • Credit card acceptedCredit card accepted
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