Inviting you to Miyazaki to enjoy a full stomach and wonderful flavorsInviting you to Miyazaki to enjoy a full stomach and wonderful flavors


A treasure chest of Ingredients

Miyazaki prefecture, which has a long shape from north to south, is a treasure chest of ingredients. Miyazaki beef which has won the first prize consecutively at the National Wagyu (Japanese beef cattle) Competitive Exhibition is highly valued, along with it's branded pork and chicken too. Vegetables are produced in various locations, which means you can easily get safe, fresh, delicious vegetables such as green peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes grown with plenty of natural sunshine. Fruit tree cultivation is also popular. The most famous of course is Miyazaki's famous mangoes, but also ripe kumquats and Hyuganatsu (a type of citrus fruit), all gather attention from around the country for their delicious flavors. For sea food, the number of bonito caught with pole-and-line fishing is the highest in Japan. You also shouldn't miss "Hamo" (Muraenesox cinereus), which is a luxury ingredient only caught in summer and Ise ebi (Japanese lobster) which can only be caught in autumn.


Shochu which has a variety of rich tastes

There are more than 30 Shochu breweries in Miyazaki prefecture, and it boasts the largest volume of shochu shipped in all of Japan. Miyazaki has a history of making Shochu with ingredients cultivated in each area. This makes Miyazaki a "heaven for Shochu", because you can enjoy the difference in taste created by these ingredients, such as sweet potato, rice, wheat, buck wheat, chestnut, millet and Japanese yam. There are also breweries of Japanese sake and Local beer, as well as wineries. Comparing the different tastes of wines and Shochu depending on the area is another recommendation.


Tasty noodles loved by locals

Miyazaki people love Udon and Ramen noodles. In Miyazaki city, you will find people who eat Udon for breakfast, and people who eat Kamaage-udon after a night of drinking. The unique characteristic of Miyazaki's udon is that the noodles are soft. The flavor of a standard bowl of Miyazaki ramen is a simple pork bone and soy sauce based soup, but recently, ramen that has evolved in unique ways are also popular. Ramen such as "Karamen" which has garlic and a chili kick to it, or "Tomato ramen" which has a tomato based soup that is very popular with women.


Soul food from the old days

Along with charcoal grilled Miyazaki chicken and Chicken namban, which are well known local dishes, Hiyashiru has gradually become popular in Miyazaki with tourists. It is made by flaking the flesh of grilled horse mackerel or sardines away from the bone, adding ground sesame and soybean paste, then making a soybean paste ball. This ball is dissolved in iced water and poured over hot rice topped with Tofu (soybean curd) , thinly sliced cucumber and spices such as Japanese basil and Japanese ginger. This is a popular dish during the hot Miyazaki summer and people associate it as a taste of their Mother's cooking, as each house hold has different recipes.

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