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Yakitori Magariya

"Tori moromi yaki (baked chicken marinated in unrefined soy sauce)"

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Chicken thigh marinated in moromi (unrefined soy sauce), seared by grilling over charcoal and served sliced. Our Moromi contains homemade Yuzu koshou (citrus pepper), which creates a perfect balance with the chicken that becomes tastier with each bite. This is a great snack to enjoy with alcohol or you can enjoy it as a meal with rice. If you top the chicken with the garnish it is served with, raw ginger and onion, you can enjoy a completely different taste with the same dish. Vacuum‐packed chicken (620yen) is available to take home, and is recommended as a gift.


  • Grilled chicken thigh with bone
  • Tori no tataki (sliced seared chicken)
  • Assorted grilled chicken skewers

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  • Address宮崎市田野町甲5604-4
  • Telephone number0985-86-5278
  • Business hours17:30-23:00 (LO.22:30)※ランチは要予約
  • Regular holidays水曜日
  • Number of seats37席

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