Explore Miyazaki with good taste, where local delicacies are ripe!

  • The unique noodles of Miyazaki
    Miyazaki locals love noodles! This is undeniable from the fact that many noodle stores ranked in the JIMOMIYAMESHI popular vote results. Eating udon noodles for breakfast and ramen noodles for lunch, even eating Kama-age udon noodles after a night of drinking is a common sight in Miyazaki. Miyazaki is also home to a unique variety of ramen noodles. From the most popular Tonkotsu-shoyu pork-bone soy sauce noodle soup which isn’t too heavy, to Kara-men, a spicy ramen which is packed full of garlic and chilies, and even Tomato ramen which comes in a tomato-based broth which is popular with women. The choices are wide and varied.
  • The flavors of Miyazaki loved by locals
    When talking about famous local Miyazaki dishes, the dishes that come to mind are chicken-nanban, hiyajiru, and char-grilled jidori chicken. Hiyajiru and chicken-nanban are both staple parts of dinner tables in Miyazaki, except for char-grilled jidori chicken which is one of those menus you just can’t resist ordering as nibbles while enjoying some alcohol at an izakaya. Miyazaki Gyoza (dumplings) are gathering attention recently too, with Miyazaki city ranking amongst the top cities in Japan for the volume of Gyoza consumed. Great serving sizes at a reasonable price, and of course absolutely delicious!! These are the basics of Miyazaki cuisine.
  • An abundance of ingredients from the ocean and the mountains
    Miyazaki prefecture which has a temperate climate and a lot of untouched nature is a treasure box that keeps giving an abundance of excellent ingredients. With the most famous local produce Miyazaki beef leading the way, pork and chicken production are also ranked among the highest in Japan. Miyazaki also ranks among the top producers of vegetables such as green peppers and cucumbers. Fruits like mangoes, Kinkan (Kumquat), and Hyuganatsu are an important part of the seasonal colors of Miyazaki. The fishing industry is also robust, with an abundance of seafood available. For bonito caught by pole-and-line, Miyazaki has held the top position for volume in Japan for many years.
宫崎县民票选出来,本地人最自豪的当地美食!! 宫地美食


Through a popular vote, voted on by Miyazaki locals, we chose the restaurants that are the most loved by locals in 2 categories, lunch and dinner. In this guidebook (website) we will introduce the JIMOMIYAMESHI restaurants that ranked amongst the most popular restaurants, divided into 7 areas within Miyazaki Prefecture. The restaurants are divided into categories such as [Most frequented restaurants] and [A restaurant to treat yourself]. Dive into the deep end and immerse yourself in the charm of food that Miyazaki is proud of. However, the restaurants that we are recommending here only scratches the surface of local Miyazaki restaurants. Miyazaki prefecture has an incredible number of amazing restaurants, so don’t be afraid to explore and find your very own JIMOMIYAMESHI!

16,675 votes cast in one month!

The popular vote was conducted over one month, starting from November first, 2020. In this time period, we gathered a total of 16,675 votes. From the results of this vote, we chose the top 100 restaurants and published their signature dish or most popular menu item in this guidebook. All of the published restaurants are popular word-of-mouth restaurants with excellent reviews that Miyazaki locals have given the stamp of approval to. Many of these restaurants are hidden gems that only locals know about. Many of these restaurants are struggling with the current global pandemic but are taking strict preventative measures such as enforcing sanitization upon entry, making sure that staff are wearing face masks, and preventing the three C’s. We hope that this guidebook will help these restaurants who are struggling in the current climate and accompany you on your journey to enjoy all the delicious food that is on offer.

When eating out, follow the Miyazaki model!
Cautions regarding the
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  • The content published on this website is information valid as of February 2021.
  • The prices listed are generally prices for eating at the relevant restaurant and include TAX.
  • All stores operate under strict anti-contamination measures which include, staff wearing face masks, periodic sanitization of common areas, hand sanitization requirements upon entering the store, regular ventilation and avoiding the three Cs (Cramped spaces, Crowded places and Close conversation). We touch on some of the measures that stores are taking in each article.
  • Please understand that information such as offered menu items, prices and opening hours may change after this article is published.