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Updated:December 1, 2011



Miyazaki Pref. Art Museum

This Art Museum has a collection of about 2,000 works of art, including Picasso's "Woman with a Velvet Hat on an Armchair, and Pigeon".

Miyazaki Pref. Arts Center

Equipped with Japan's largest pipe organ, and the Isaac Stern hall, this Arts Center is among the best in the country.

Miyazaki Pref. Museum of Nature and History

This is a place where you can experience the beauty and history of Miyazaki. On the grounds,a replica of an ordinary 19th Century style house has been constructed.

Miyazaki Science Center

This is a place where you can view the wonders of the universe in the planetarium, and also take part in enjoyable scientific experiments. The Center is due to re-open in May 2004.


  • Miyakonojo Japanese Archery Festival and National Japanese Archery Contest (Miyakonojo City)
    late March
  • Miyazaki Shrine Yabusame (Miyazaki City)
    early April
  • Miyazaki International Music Festival (Miyazaki City)
  • Golden Games in Nobeoka (Nobeoka City)
    late May

Golden Games

  • IdenoYama Firefly Festival (Kobayashi City)
    late May - early June
  • Onda Festival (Saigo Village)
    early July
  • Aburatsu Port Festiva (Nichinan City)
    late July
  • Matsuri Nobeoka Festival (Nobeoka City)
    late July
  • Hyuga Hyottoko Natsu Matsuri Festival (Hyuga City)
    1st Saturday and Sunday in August
  • Toi Misaki Fire Festival (Kushima City)
    late August
  • Catching Flying Fish (Kushima City)
    June - September

IdeenoYama Firefly Festiva


Toi Misaki Fire Festival

  • Aya Castle Festival (Aya Town)
    middle of October
  • Nobeoka Tenkaichi Takigi-Noh (Nobeoka City)
    middle of October
  • Obi Castle Festival (Nichinan City)
    3rd Saturday and Sunday in October
  • Aya Evergreen Forest Marathon (Aya Town)
    late October 

Nobeoka Tenkaichi

Obi Castle Festival

  • International Aoshima Pacific Marathon (Miyazaki City)
    2nd Sunday in December
  • Aoshima Shrine Hadakamairi Festival (Miyazaki City)
    Coming-of-Age Day (2nd Manday in January)
  • Nobeoka West Japan Marathon (Nobeoka City)
    middle of February
  • Takachiho Country Founding Festival (Takachiho Town)
    middle of February
  • Professional Sports Training Camps (various places throughout the Prefecture)
    early February - early March

Takachiho Country Founding Festival

Sports Training Camps