Useful Travel Information

Useful Travel Information

Here is some of the useful information to make your trip more enjoyable including car rentals, tourist information center, and exchange counters.

Car Rentals

If you have an international driver's license, why not rent a car and you’ll have more freedom travel around Miyazaki!

Please refer to following car rentals websites. They provide information in English, and an advance reservation is recommended for your convenience.

Toyota Rent a Car( External link ) google map( External link )

Nippon Rent-A-Car( External link ) google map( External link )

Please note that Japanese traffic rules are very different from that of other countries, such as left-hand traffic and street parking being strictly prohibited. So we recommend you to learn Japanese traffic rules in advance. You can go to Toyota Rent a Car website which explains the traffic rules and signs in Japan in English.

Toyota Rent a Car Introduction to Japanese traffic rules( External link ) (English.)

Tourist Information Center

The Tourist Information Center is located inside the JR Miyazaki Station premise. The Center offers tourist information for Miyazaki and free sightseeing brochures, etc.

Miyazaki City Tourism Information Center google map( External link )

Free Internet Access

Free Internet Access is available at the airport and some hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns). Please refer to below website for information on how to use free internet access (connection setup).

FREESPOT( External link ) (English)


Please contact the relevant consulate for lost passport or any other significant problems.

United States : リンク切れ

Phone: 092-751-9331 google map( External link )

China : Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Fukuoka( External link )

Phone: 092-713-1121 google map( External link )

Taiwan : Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Fukuoka( External link )

Phone: 092-734-2810 google map( External link )

South Korea : Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Fukuoka( External link )

Phone: 092-771-0461 google map( External link )


If you need to go to a hospital or see physicians, go to Miyazaki Medical Navigation Website to look for the hospitals and clinics with foreign language assistance.

Miyazaki Medical Navigation Website( External link )(Website in English.)

To call an ambulance for someone who is suddenly ill or injured, simply dial 119 without an area code.


Miyazaki is a peaceful city but if you are ever involved in a crime or an accident, please immediately dial 110 to contact the police.