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Updated:December 1, 2011


Chicken Namban

Chicken Nanban

This dish is an original Miyazaki creation. First made in the 1960's, it consists of deep-fried chicken, smothered in a dressing made from vinegar and tartare sauce.



Only all-natural Miyazaki chickens are used for this food. The chicken is salted, and then grilled over a charcoal fire, creating a crunchy texture and fine aroma. This delicious food is 100% fat free.

Ise ebi lobster


A lot of Ise ebi lobster is caught off the Nichinan coast. It is most delicious when eaten raw.

Miyazaki Beef

Miyazaki Beef

Cattle in Miyazaki are raised in spacious, all-natural environments, which ensures a high quality, tender, and delicious meat.

Hiyajiru (cold soup)

Hiyajiru(cold soup)

Hiyajiru is a traditional Miyazaki food. Its ingredients include fish, tofu, and cucumber. It is best appreciated when eaten with hot rice.



This delicious sushi is made by rolling together shrimp, lettuce and mayonnaise in rice and seaweed. It is another original Miyazaki creation.

Obiten (Obi Tempura)

Obi-ten(deep-fried minced fish meet)

This is the local food of Obi Castle Town (Nichinan City). It is made by deep-frying mashed fish mixed with soybean paste, brown sugar, and tofu.


Chirimen(Dried young sardine)

Small sardines are caught off the Miyazaki coast, boiled, and then naturally sun-dried to produce this food.

Cheese Manju

Cheese Manju(buns)

This is a small, soft, sweet-cream filled cake created in Miyazaki, which has only come onto the market in recent years.

Hyuganatsu Orange

Hyuganatsu Orange

These are Miyazaki-style Japanese oranges. Unlike regular Japanese oranges, the thick white inner skin, as well as the fruit itself are both edible. It has a bittersweet taste.



Shochu is an alcoholic drink that can be made from potato, buckwheat, wheat, or corn, and is very popular among the people of Miyazaki Prefecture.



Miyazaki mangoes are only picked once fully ripe so they are deliciously soft and sweet.