• Miyazaki Pref. Art Museum

    The Art Museum has about 2,000 collections of art, including Picasso's "Woman with a Velvet Hat on an Armchair, and Pigeon".

  • Miyazaki MEDIKIT ARTS Center

    Owns Japan's largest pipe organ in the Isaac Stern hall. This place is one of the largest center of Japan.

  • Miyazaki Pref. Museum of Nature and History

    You can experience the beauty and history of Miyazaki in this museum, includes a replica of an ordinary 19th Century style house.

  • Miyazaki Science Center

    This museum introduces visitors to the wonders of the universe in the planetarium, and also let them take part in scientific experiments. The Center is reopened after renovation in May 2004.

  • Aya Town

    Aya Town is home to Japan's largest evergreen forest. Total area is 1,748 hectares, and consists of evergreen trees such as oaks and camellias.

  • Takachiho Gorge (Takachiho Town)

    The Gorge is originally created by the erosion of lava from Mt. Aso. A stream of the Gokase River carves its welded tuff aside and became V-shaped ravine like it is now. The area shows its true beauty of green in early summer, and the colored leaves in autumn.

  • Ebino Plateau (Ebino City)

    Located at the foot of Mt. Karakunidake, Ebino Plateau is surrounded by native forest and volcanic lakes, and is the highest place in Kyushu. It is known as one of the best hot spring villages in the prefecture.

  • Cape Toi (Kushima City)

    Located at the very South of Miyazaki, here’s home to a population of wild horses known as Misaki-uma, one of eight breeds considered native to Japan.

  • Kunimigaoka Cloud Ocean (Takachiho Town)

    The summit of this hill is 513 meters above sea level, and has views both Mt. Sobo, and Mt. Aso. On early-spring and late-autumn mornings. Only when the temperature gap of 1 day is big, the dramatic sea of cloud can be seen.

  • Umagase (Hyuga City)

    "Umagase" means "Horse's back" in Japanese. Rising vertically 70 meters above sea level, this cliff was named after its shape, looks like a horse's back.

  • Sekino-o Falls (Miyakonojo City)

    This is the one of the best waterfall in japan. the largest fall in Sekino- o is 18 meters above the Shoudai River, and 40 meters wide. It is also famous for the pothholes in the riverbed.

  • Saitobaru Burial Mounds

    This location surrounded by nature is home to 323 ancient burial mounds. It is said that these mounds were made around 1700 years ago during the Kofun-era of Japan. It was designated as a special historical site by the Japanese government in 1952. In spring, you can enjoy over 2000 cherry blossom trees and a field full of rape flowers. In summer you can enjoy sun flowers and in autumn you can enjoy cosmoses of many different colors.

  • Saitobaru Archaeological Museum

    This museum is situated within the largest group of ancient burial mounds in Japan. The Saitobaru Burial Mounds Historical Park covers an area of over 58 hectares. At this museum, you can follow the history of the area starting at the Jōmon period through to when the burial mounds were constructed. The displays are constructed to tell the story of the area and you can learn while exploring the world of archaeology.

  • Ikoma Plateau

    This is a plataue at an altitude of 540m where you can look ouot across the Kirishima Mountians and the Kyushu Mountain Range. This is one of Kobayashi Cities best sight seeing locations, also called the plataue of flowers because of the flowers of many colors which covers the plataue from spring to autumn. The coloful flowers creates a beautiful contrast with the blue skyand it’s sure to make you want to take a photo.